Sinead D., IronPlate Bride, Not-so-American Woman!

Sinead D., came to IronPlate a few months before heading off to her Motherland of Ireland to get hitched to her Down Under Groom.  Sinead, an amazing and natural athlete and yogi, pulled it together and has been a delight to train.  We still get the pleasure of training  Sinead post-wedding and honeymoon, and all during the build out of her latest project (name to be disclosed only by her!), a fantastic NYC Yoga Studio to be launched in 2015.  

Sinead embodies what every bride does – great definition, leanness and feminine athleticism!  We heart you, girl!  

Best bridal biceps ever: IronPlate bridge Danielle R!

We work with a lot of brides.  A lot of really great brides.  But this girl takes the proverbial wedding cake.  Best transformation to date with a body that was stage ready.  Danielle R., kicked it into high gear 3x/week at IronPlate for months training like a body builder, ate clean (and complained the whole way through), but the results and hard work shows!  

Best of luck to Danielle and her new life!  XO

JK, Newly hitched and throwing us a little LOVE here at Iron Plate!

What can I say, I have a soft spot for JK since I’ve been working with her and her man, MC, on and off for years now.  When she came to me and said she was getting MARRIED, I almost dropped a kettlebell on my head, but hey, I was up for the task.  One of the most hard working, never satisfied (in a good way) and un-bride-like ladies I know, we had a great time kicking la derriere in the studio.

And the best part of my job is getting a photo like this…  makes it all worthwhile!  Mwah!

COLBY: Getting down to business for Wedding Day!

Colby came to me almost a year ago with big goals of looking amazing for her August 10, 2013 Wedding Day, and just like that, it’s here!  With a lot of blood, sweat, breaks and tears she killed it in the gym and her kitchen and is now 6 days out of walking down the aisle (with her super nice fiance who joined us periodically for some butt-kicking!).  Not only is she walking away with a great husband, but she is walking away with a wealth of knowledge on proper nutrition, meal prep and training which will last her a lifetime – though I do anticipate more questions from her in the future :)  Best of luck, Colby! 

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