The Incredible and Most Edible EGG! by Vanessa Rissetto

EGGS - Stop talking shit about my boyfriend...

I'm serious, I take shit talking about eggs really seriously.  Why so passionate about the incredible edible you wonder?

Well first off, I eat them every day - EVERY SINGLE DAY - which shows my dedication.  Now some people fancy them up: scrambling, poaching, over easy, adding cheese, sauces, etc; but not me, I'm a purist.  Three eggs, soft boiled with 1 slice of whole grain toast.  Some of us - I wont name names (Kristin) wouldn't add the bread but this is my damn breakfast and I'll do whatever I want.  Let's get serious though, eggs are literally the most perfect food ever. 

Misconceptions about eggs are that they cause heart disease from cholesterol - on the contrary - eggs contain lecithin which is known to draw the cholesterol away from the body.  The liver makes cholesterol everyday, so if you're eating eggs the liver will make less; that's that whole homeostasis, body is a machine and knows how to work, thing.  Eggs also raise HDL - so if you're not exercising enough, here's another way to raise that good cholesterol. 

Eggs are a good source of protein: 6 grams per egg to be exact which contributes to fullness.  Eggs have Vitamin A which helps my vision, Vitamin D and Iron which help my bones, Folate which helps cell growth and metabolism (we can get to that later) and Biotin which also assists in metabolism of protein, fats, and carbs as well as help my nails and hair grow (which in my old age may or may not be a problem) - kidding.   

Eggs also have choline which helps with memory, which I definitely need since I'm a mom of two toddlers and am often plagued with momnesia (momnesia is when I was going to do something but then my kids started asking me for something and then I forgot). 

While we're on misconceptions about eggs, here's my biggest one - EGGS ARE NOT DAIRY! DAIRY COMES FROM A COW PEOPLE! EGGS COME FROM CHICKENS!  I know, I know.. why am I shouting?  So many times people tell me they don't eat dairy, and then when I mention eggs they tell me they don't eat dairy and then question my abilities as a Dietitian.  This is the same look I get when I tell people corn is not a vegetable but we can talk about that later.  For weight, loss eggs score high for their ability to induce feelings of fullness and reduce subsequent calorie intake.

IronPlate Rating 10/10