Tales of a Dieting Disaster by Kara G.

Hi all!  I want to introduce to you, Kara G.  Kara is taking the IronPlate Challenge and going to follow our nutritional and training guidance over the course of the next several months, and guess what - write about it for you on our blog!  We are super excited to have her on board.  Think of her as our very own resident IronPlate guinea pig.  She's thrilled to share with you her woes, her measurements and her lightbulb moments to give you all a perspective on what it takes to transform: from the inside out.  So enough said, here's Kara!

Hi everyone.  I’m Kara, a 30-something freelance writer and professional yo-yo dieter, currently 30-something pounds overweight. Over the course of my life I’ve lost over 300 pounds—granted it was the same 30 pounds 10 times, and have tried (and failed at) just about every diet and  weight loss plan imaginable. Seriously, if dieting was an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist by now. There was the low-carb diet—which ended about a week in when my husband came out of the bathroom to find me maniacally eating the French Bread pizza he’d heated for himself, the 7-day-cleanse which collapsed on day 4 after I cried myself to sleep because I could only eat bananas and milk;  and my personal favorite, the grapefruit diet, which ended in a fit of rage when my husband had the nerve to come home still smelling like the Chinese food he’d thoughtfully eaten in his car on the way home and I went absolutely postal.  He swears to this day my head actually spun all the way around. It may have been that exact meltdown that earned me the nickname Gizmo—cute, warm and fuzzy—until I get hungry, and then watch out for my inner Gremlin. That was also the same day that my husband informed me if I went on one more crash diet he and the dog were moving out. He also suggested (while hiding behind our bedroom door) that I try channeling my weight loss struggles into something constructive, like a blog, and since I’m about a stuffed crust pizza away from the point of no return, here I am. Ready to share my ups (and hopefully) downs with all of you. Stay tuned!