Transformation Q&A With Rebecca N.

What brought you to IronPlate Studios?

I had been diagnosed with a medical condition, PCOS. It is known to cause issues with weight gain and lose because the various hormone levels in your body keep changing, including your body’s ability to use insulin correctly. I finally found a doctor in 2015 that helped me enough to start getting some of the hormone swings under control, but that also meant I now how do some hard work to make sure my body was healthy again and I wanted to look like me again. Another step toward taking control of my body again involved losing the weight I had gained after being undiagnosed for many years. I took many steps on my own during 2015. I changed the food I ate drastically, I bought organic when it was available and I started walking a lot more. Eating out for work was common and necessary so it was a slow go. However, these two changes help me lose my first 30 pounds. Unfortunately, I stopped there and was unable to keep the weight loss going and I still had a ways to go. I did not want to become my mother, a diabetic, or my father, a heart attack survivor. I knew I could control my body even it meant fighting everyday against a disease. I was ready to change, but didn’t know how. It was time to find a subject matter expert to help me the rest of the way.

Why did you choose IronPlate Studios?

I knew both Nutrition and Exercise ultimately are necessary to achieve results I wanted. IronPlate Studios offers help with both, one stop shopping for a busy person who works for a consulting firm full time and is working on her MBA part time. I could have hired both separately, but I don’t think the results would be same. The right hand needs to understand what the left is doing and IronPlate Studios designed its Transformation Packages to accomplish this.

Which package did you decide and why?

I choose a 12 week transformation package with 2 personal training sessions a week because I can be a bit nerdy and wanted to get as much information about nutrition as possible. Some of it might be a bit advance for what I need at this time, but I know as I get closer to my goal weight many of those advanced lessons will become valuable information. I also wanted to work out with someone 2 times a week. It had been a long time since I did any serious exercise and again, the nerd in me, wanted to learn everything I could and I wanted the support.

Can you briefly describe your experience so far working with the Team at IronPlate? What have you learned so far?

I don’t think I can possibly say enough about how awesome my experience has been. I have learned something new every step of the way and I appreciate everything that everyone who has worked with me or has done for me. Some of the most important things are I learned include:

  • I needed to eat more of the right foods and more frequently. I was eating 2 or 3 meals a day and was all over the place with timing. I now eat 5 times a day, spacing my meals about 3 hours apart.
  • I learned that not all Carbohydrates are the enemy. I just need to pick them carefully.
  • The consulting life style can mean eating a lot of meals away from home or networking over drinks. I learned what to look for on the menu and what to drink. I also finally was comfortable saying to people around me that I will pass on the drinks, shared items and desserts. People understood.
  • I learned how to exercise, again. I was very active as a teenager playing field hockey, swimming and softball but then after college I just stopped and forgot a lot of the basics. I learned how to properly work with weights, learned how to start running again and a lot about excising different muscles.
  • I learned that you can’t do the same workout all the time. You need to change it because your body will learn to use the least amount energy to do the same task.

How much have you accomplished to date?  How much further do you have to go?

My main goal is weight loss. As of this morning, I have lost about 65 pounds. 30 on my own and the rest with the help of the wonderful team of people at IronPlate Studios. I also had my measurement measured during the 12 week program a couple times and by the end my measurements all decreased and none of my clothes fit anymore!

Bust: 4.5 inches smaller
Waist: 5 inches smaller
Hips: 4 inches smaller
Upper Arm: 1.5 inches smaller
Thigh: 2.5 inches smaller
Calves: .5 inches smaller

I will keep losing weight. I try to think about weight loss in small increments of 25 pounds. And then re-assess where I am. So, I am working on my next 25 pounds now. I will admit I have an ultimate target range in the back of my mind which would require me to lose anywhere from 75-100 more pounds and tone my body, but I don’t like to focus on that, rather my current 25 pounds is my goal!

My other goals are to improve my strength and be able to participate in activities such as run, bike and swim for charity events. And maybe even compete in a few events. I did walk one 5K in NYC this summer that helps support Central Park. I am working on being able to run next year.  

Have you been enjoying your experience thus far?

My experience has been outstanding! Everyone is super nice, very knowledgeable and helpful. I feel like I have a family of support cheering me on. I love that the workouts are different every time I come. It keeps me from getting bored and I love to learn new things.

Anything else you'd like to add regarding your experience training at IronPlate Studios?

I would love to learn more about the way my muscles and body work. For example, Caitlin mentioned once that I should workout muscles from larger to smaller. For people who have never studied the human body it is not common knowledge about which muscles are the larger ones and which are smaller ones. Caitlin was happy to happy to pull up a picture and walk me through the basics. You could add some education around our muscles and body as well as the exercise and nutrition classes.