Having a Healthy Halloween

When we think of Halloween, the first things that come to mind are candy, costumes and trick or treating. For those trying to lose weight or stick to their healthy diet, this time of year can be torturous. Temptations and reminders of Halloween treats seem to be everywhere we look… seemingly starting earlier and earlier each year. Instead of dreading all the temptations, use the holiday as a fun way to get creative with the things you eat!

Here are some tips on how to survive Halloween, as well as some pictures (courtesy of Pinterest) of fun ideas to bring to your next Halloween party, classroom or even to make at home for family and friends. 


Don’t buy candy ahead of time

  • Wait until the day of trick or treating to buy the candy you’re going to hand out.  That way it won’t be a temptation in your house for longer than it needs to be.

Buy less than you think you’ll need

  • Worst case you have to stop handing out candy a little early.   

  • Best case, you’ll be left with much less.

Buy candy you don’t like

  • This way you won’t be tempted to eat it before or after you hand it out. 

Donate left over candy

Make a conscious decision prior to buying candy or going to an event on what you are going to allow yourself to eat and stick to it.  

Happy Halloween!