What do IronPlate trainers eat?

Part 3: on-the-go snacks



Q) “What should I eat as a snack if I’m on the go?” 

A) Travel “snacks” aren’t much different than meals we’d normally have. When possible, it’s best to plan ahead around days you might be traveling or out and about. Traveling? Bring a small cooler with healthy snack options or throw things in your travel bag that you don’t have to refrigerate. Often get stuck out? Keep an emergency stash of unrefrigerated snacks in your car, workbag, or office for unplanned busy days. If you weren’t planning on being away, try to make the best out of the options available to you. (Note: You are not limited to these options; these are mere suggestions to help you if you’re stuck!)

Pre-planned travel snacks

Apple & nut butter
Spiced chickpeas
Cottage cheese
Hard-boiled eggs
Greek yogurt
String cheese & fFruit
Nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts, mixed, etc)
Hummus and raw vegetables
Nut butter and celery
Pumpkin seeds
Tuna and celery

Unplanned snack options

Most gas stations, rest stops, and airports will still have healthy options you can grab. Sometimes you may have to mix and match a couple of things, but knowing what to look for will help alleviate the need for familiar travel temptations.

Nuts or mixed nuts
- try to choose natural, lightly salted or roasted.
- void sweetened or trail mixes with dried fruit and chocolate if possible.
Pumpkin seeds
Roasted chickpeas
Roasted edamame
Cheese and fruit
Hummus and a vegetable Cup
Greek yogurt
Protein bars
Beef jerky

**Be mindful of serving sizes for any pre-packaged product.

Here’s what our IronPlate trainers take with them on the go:

“Almond or nut butter and fruit preserves on whole wheat/grain sandwich thin or 1 piece of bread. It's filling, portable and doesn't need to be kept cold.”

“Walnuts (7 whole pieces or 14 halves= 1 serving) and Pistachios (about ¼ cup=1 serving)”

“I like to keep and pistachios and a protein bar (Quest cookie dough flavor is my favorite)  in my purse for days I’m caught out. If I’m planning on being gone for a long time, I like to munch on Everything Hummus and raw veggies (usually carrots, cucumbers and or bell peppers).”

 “Pre-made protein shake (See Trainers Favorite-Protein Shakes for ideas)”