Ask Our Trainers: Equipment


If you could only own one piece of fitness equipment, what would it be and why?


This is tough! After giving this some thought, I think it would be a 12kg kettlebell. It would be easy to do a full body workout with as well as adding in some cardio with swings. It's a versatile piece of gear that goes a long way.  

Full Body Kettlebell Workout:
2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions

Double arm Kettlebell Swings 1 min
Single arm Chest Press 
Single Leg Dead Lift
Single Arm Row 

Turkish Get ups
Sumo Squat to Upright row
Lunge with Shoulder press
Wood Chopper

Pull Over
Squat with Bicep Curl 
Triceps Ext
Russian Twist 

I would have to say stairs. They offer a large variety of exercise options for both upper and lower body as well as core and cardio. They are free and you can usually find even a couple steps where you live or at least somewhere very close by.

Stair workouts:

Stadium or bleacher run

  • 1 round at stadium up row and down same row before moving to the next. Go around whole stadium for a KILLER cardio.

  • Bleachers: 10 minutes up and down at the end of a run at the track or a weight workout.  

At home:

Add 1 min stair run to end of each of your weight circuits. (Up and down your flight of stairs for one minute)

Full Body Stair/Step workout:
2-3 Sets, 10-15reps

Step ups
Pelvic tilts
Side step ups
Toe taps  (30 sec-1min )
Incline push ups
Mountain Climber Plank (feet on step, hands on floor/ground)
Landing jumps (like box jumps if you have a flat landing)