The IronPlate Guide to Water


Happy World Water Day!  We want to celebrate with you by talking about the importance of water to our bodies. Our body is made up of 45%-70% water. Without adequate hydration, we can feel sluggish, experience muscle cramps, have dry skin, headaches, nausea, and dry mouth, eyes and nose. Without any hydration we can only survive about 3 days. (Without food we can live up to 3 weeks!)

Hydration is important for:

  • Maintaining the body’s fluid balance for

    • Digestion

    • Absorption

    • Circulation

    • Creation of Saliva

    • Transportation of Nutrients

    • Maintenance of body temperature

  • Calorie Control

    • Drinking a cold glass of water before meals helps curb appetite

    • Drinking water over other high calorie beverages reduces calorie intake

  • Energizes Muscles

    • Helps balance electrolytes

  • Keeps skin looking healthy

    • Decreases dry skin and wrinkles

  • Helps kidneys filter waste

  • Maintains normal bowel function

Fluids are lost daily through urine and stool, skin evaporation and breathing.  We must replenish the fluids lost in order to maintain proper function. Sweat with exercise, extreme heat, or higher altitudes can increase our fluid intake requirements.  Thirst is the first sign your body is beginning to become dehydrated.

Tips for increasing your water intake:

  • Begin every morning with a glass of water

  • Keep a large water bottle with you at your desk

  • Bring water with you when you run errands or are out and aobut

  • Have a glass of water with every meal

  • Flavor your water with fruit or vegetables (lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, etc)

  • Try seltzer water if you crave carbonation

  • With Exercise

    • 2hrs prior to exercise consume 1 pint (2 cups)

    • During exercise: 6-8oz. For every 20 min.

    • Post exercise: for each pound lost during exercise, replace with 1 pint of water

      • To assess this, weigh yourself prior to your workout, and then again after.  If you’ve had any weight loss in this time frame, it is water weight and should be replaced.