Bad-Ass Clients: Lauren


Another bad-ass IronPlate client, Lauren S. Lauren started training with IronPlate in the Hoboken studio. She took a little break when she moved out of Hoboken, and has come back to be tortured —I mean motivated by us — through FaceTime training!

What motivated you to make a change or get started on your wellness journey?

I was tired of the way I had little to no energy, my clothes were starting not to fit as well and I was feeling really down about the weight I gained back after losing so much.

What made you choose IronPlate Studios to help you achieve those goals?

I was always super self-conscious about working out in public gyms so I started looking for something that was private and convenient for my schedule. After a quick google search the studio popped up and it checked all my boxes. When I moved to Jersey City I wanted to continue working with IronPlate so I switched to FaceTime training for the same reasons: privacy and convenience

What are your personal goals. Have you reached any?

My personal goals are simply to feel better about myself and bring back the confidence I had a few years ago. I am down 23 pounds so I am definitely starting to get it back 😊

Lauren’s home gym setup.

Lauren’s home gym setup.

What was your training/ nutrition regimen prior to starting at IronPlate? How has it evolved from your first week with IronPlate to where you currently are right now? Before IronPlate I would either do the treadmill rarely or not work out at all. I went from no activity to working out on average 4 times a week. For nutrition I would just “try to just be good” but also indulge far more than I do now. Now, I am very cautious about what I eat and still allow myself to eat the things I love without overdoing it.

How would you describe your current lifestyle? Work full or part time? Kids? Travel often for work or pleasure? Out frequently?

I work full time in NYC. I do travel for work and in the summer I travel to Long Beach Island on most weekends. I am a very social person so I am typically out to dinner or with friends Friday and Saturday nights.

What’s your favorite food to make? Would you care to share a recipe?

I really like making cauliflower fried rice. It is super easy and flavorful. I basically just sauté chicken and veggies with some low sodium soy and teriyaki sauces and put it on top of the “rice”. Endless possibilities.

What’s your guilty pleasure food? How do you incorporate it into your current lifestyle?

My guilty pleasure food is probably chicken wings. When I am craving them, I skip the typical restaurant style fried wings and bake them at home (I still have some blue cheese dressing to dip 😊)

What struggles have you faced along the way & how have you dealt with them? I sometimes get frustrated when a week or so goes by and the pounds are not shredding like I expected them to. I have dealt with them by changing my mindset and being patient. Weight loss is not an overnight thing and will take some time. When I do hit a plateau, I also work with my trainer to switch something up in my routine to push my body.

How has training at IronPlate helped you in your journey?

I love the routine and consistency it brings in my life. Even if for some reason I cannot get my own workouts in for the week I know I will at least have 2 that are on schedule and not changing.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love going to concerts, the beach and hanging with friends and family.

What’s one fascinating thing you have learned from your time with IronPlate? (Either from your trainer or about yourself)

I never thought salt was a big deal to put on foods for flavor, but excess salt can retain water and make you super-bloated. I am now trying to watch my salt intake when cooking and eating out.

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