Meet Coral D., 2x Amazing Transformation!

Tell us a little bit about you, your athletic/fitness background, your fitness routine and what you currently follow.

Coral: Ok, I'm going to be straight up - I'm not an athlete and I don't have a naturally "good" body. I can gain weight very easily if I'm not careful, so I currently follow an aggressive workout routine (usually 6-7 times a week) coupled with a nutritional plan.

What prompted you to start training?

Coral: Two years ago I got motivated to trim down for my March 2013 wedding. I honestly thought this was just a one time "treat"; a luxury that I wouldn't continue. Well then I got pregnant, and after 9+ months of no-holds barred eating, I needed some help to lose the baby weight. So in October of 2014 I embarked - again - on my fitness and nutritional journey.

IronPlate: Just to chime in, when I met Coral, we had one conversation about her diet plan covering macros, nutrient timing, meal planning and portion control, and this girl had it down after one conversation.  

                                                                                         March 2013 wedding, and a 20 pound weight loss in 2 1/2 months.  

                                                                                         March 2013 wedding, and a 20 pound weight loss in 2 1/2 months.  

What is your favorite part of training?

Coral: I love the variety. At IronPlate I get well-balanced workouts with a good mix of cardio, strength, plyo, and stretching. I also like that it's a comfortable and professional environment. No "gym-timidation" and I can work hard without feeling self-conscious.

Do you follow any type of specific nutritional program? Why/Why not? What does it entail?

Coral: Diet is so so so important for me when I want to lose weight and tone up. I do basic calorie counting using an iPhone app (MyFitnessPal) and I stick to high protein foods paired with fresh veggies. I avoid sugar and other simple carbs - they are my enemy. I also try to cook for myself so I can keep it clean. Lastly, portion control is key and my food scale helps keep me honest about what I'm putting in my body.

                                                                                                               Less than 6 months, and 75 pounds later!

                                                                                                               Less than 6 months, and 75 pounds later!

What motivates you?

Coral: My baby boy! As he grows and gets bigger, I want to be able to hold him easily and have high energy to run/play with him. I love feeling like a strong mom for him.

How do you feel training at IronPlate has benefited you?

Coral: I think of IronPlate as the backbone to my fitness regimen in two ways. First, the strength training I get there helps me do better in the other various exercise classes I go to. And secondly, I can easily "fall off the wagon" and go weeks/months without working out. That used to be my M.O. in the winter - slacking off and hibernating in sweaters. So by keeping my regular appointments at IronPlate, the rest of my routine stays on track. Then when I'm consistently working out, my diet is on point and the results come!

How do you feel your body has changed and transformed?

Coral: I've transformed twice since going to IronPlate. For my wedding, I lost 20 lbs in 2.5 months and was the thinnest I had been since high school. Now this time around I have lost 75lbs in the 6 months post-baby. I was wearing size 12 pants and now I'm swimming in my 6's.

Any advice for those out there not training and mulling it over and over waiting for the "right time?"

Coral: In the past decade I had tried all kinds of diet/exercise programs on my own and would never get the results I wanted. Today, my body is the strongest it's ever been and I credit IronPlate for being the catalyst for that change. I think of training as an investment - it's an investment in myself that has had awesome returns! Besides the increase in energy, my general health has improved and I've eliminated pain in my back (degenerative disc) and feet (plantar fasciitis) with this training program. Plus, seeing the number on the scale drop consistently feels pretty darn great, too.

I'm so glad I found IronPlate, I really feel that it has changed my life. Thanks Kristin and the IronPlate Team!