Baby Steps, by Kara G.

The preparation for my journey at IronPlate began with a very candid conversation with Kristin, where we discussed my current eating habits (abysmal), my fitness routine (or lack thereof to be more specific) and laughed together about some of the excuses I was using to avoid getting back into shape—Come on who wouldn’t want to wait until after free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s to start their diet? 

After she had a chance to read through my past posts and really get a feel for what she was dealing with, and I emphasized that in the past, changing too much too soon was a big part of the reason I could never stick to any weight loss plan, we decided that the best and easiest way for me to get started and set myself up for success would be to purge my living space of all unhealthy foods. 

So home I went, and got to work. I am not ashamed to admit it pained me to throw away the last of the Entenmann’s party cake in my fridge that I’d been slivering away at day after day. And just because I know myself and desperate times call for desperate measures, I took a page out of Miranda from Sex and the City’s book and threw out the grinds from my morning pot of coffee right on top of it. Then of course I stared at it for several minutes wondering how bad coffee-flavored party cake would actually be? Oh geez, I need help. Why is it that we’re perfectly willing to waste food by shoveling it down our throats without even tasting it, but the act of physically tossing it into the trash is nearly impossible? 

I decided to help myself feel a bit better, I would send the rest of what I found in with my husband to work, so I grabbed a bag and starting filling it up. In went the reduced fat Oreos (not much fat gets reduced when you eat 2 sleeves at a time), the fancy assorted cookie tin I had on hand at all times “for guests,” then on to the freezer where I tossed in the last of the carrot cake and Christmas cookies I’d been hoarding since the holidays. 

Side note: I love when people suggest freezing extra baked goods as a way of controlling yourself. Like a frozen Christmas cookie isn’t just as delicious as a fresh one. 

Anyway, if you’re noticing a pattern here, you would be correct. I absolutely love sweets in every size, shape and form. I could easily adapt to life in the North Pole if it meant living with Buddy the Elf and enjoying the 4 main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. Is it possible to pull a sweet tooth? Anyway, I digress. So my kitchen is now officially a junk-free zone. Operation Sugar Shakedown complete. I am now ready to hit the ground running. Okay, maybe not running but at least walking briskly.