Stop the Insanity - yes, we've heard that before, but.....

Stop the Insanity! 

Happy 2015 everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I think it’s safe to say that most likely all of you fared better than me when it came to your holiday eating, but never fear, I have left the pumpkin pie and eggnog behind me, and I am ready to move forward towards my new healthier self—with the help of all of you of course ☺ Although I am already sick of all the New Year, New You ad campaigns floating around, I do have to admit I’m excited at the prospect of the fresh start provided by the idea of  a brand new blank calendar. There’s a certain sense of comfort in knowing no matter how much you messed up or how many of your mom’s homemade peanut butter bon-bons you may have indulged in, today is a new day, or a new year in this case, and you can start off clean. 

I don’t know about you, but whenever I start on any kind of diet, I am definitely guilty of indulging in what I like to call “the last supper,” a.k.a. eating everything I know is “bad” for me in gargantuan portions before I have to start being “good.” And for whatever reason, I have found I am absolutely incapable of starting a diet any other day but Monday. The phrase “I’ll start next week,” has been a part of my vocabulary since I learned where my Mom kept her secret stash of mint Milanos, and although I would swear up and down every time I “re-booted” my eating habits that this time around would be different, I would always prepare in the exact same way, with the exact same unhealthy mindset of shoveling as much junk down as I could before basically starving myself come Monday, all the while telling myself this was it, this was the time I would lose the weight and keep it off—very smart I know. 

And then every single time, about 6 months later I’d sit there in absolute bewilderment staring at the scale wondering how the hell every last pound and then some had ended up right back where it started. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, yet for whatever reason I never thought to apply that logic when it came to weight loss. This time though, things will be different—why does that sound so familiar? But in all seriousness, I do truly feel this time will be different, because this time I’m bringing in the experts—the amazing staff at IronPlate—to help me change my methods, shift my way of thinking—get rid of this all or nothing mentality I can’t seem to shake and at the risk of quoting Susan Powter for the second time in one blog, stop the insanity!