Recipe of the Week: Grilled Littleneck Clams

This weekend, fire up the grill, pop some clams on it and pretend you’re in New England. Clams are ridiculously easy to grill, take about 10 minutes and are really good for you. They’re a low fat, high protein seafood with an above average amount of healthful minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and magnesium and B vitamins like niacin. A single protein serving (~3 ounces) provides 2/3 of the amount of iron you need in a day, plus the vitamin C in the clams helps you better absorb the iron!

Here goes! 

Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 10 mins | Servings: 4 

2 dozen littleneck clams (or more!)
Juice of half a lemon
Handful of parsley, roughly choppd

1. Preheat grill to medium/medium-high or get charcoal fire going.

2. While the grill is pre-heating, rinse clams in cold water in a pot. 

3. Add clams to the grill. The clams will begin to open between 7-10 minutes on the grill. Carefully pull clams off the grill as they open and put in a serving bowl. Discard any clams that don’t open.

4. Toss with lemon juice and parsley and serve! (If you’re feeling naughty, a little butter and white wine is delicious, too!)

Feel free to use mussels instead of clams for this recipe — or both. Serve with grilled corn and baguette slices and you’re golden.