Kickoff to Summer!

It’s that time of year again! Kicking off the summer season with barbecues, a long weekend and hopefully some sunshine! While we’re all excited for summer Fridays, trips to the beach and outdoor fun with friends and family, let’s not use it as an excuse to completely fall off the wagon. We can still enjoy ourselves while being mindful of our health.

Here’s a few key things to watch for:

  • Portions:  Continue to eat normally throughout the day. Many times we skip a meal in preparation for the celebration we’re going to attend. This causes us to overeat and make poor choices when we get finally get there It’s ok to have a taste of something you normally wouldn’t but try not to go overboard. Fill your plate the same as you would for any other meal: ½ with veggies, ¼ protein and ¼ carbohydrates.

  • Protein: Many times we gravitate toward burgers and hot dogs for a BBQ. Keep in mind grilled chicken, and kebabs (chicken, beef, salmon) make excellent (and often cheaper!) BBQ meals!

  • Healthy Sides: Volunteer to bring a healthy side dish or make some of these for your own BBQ.  Some of our favorite options are:

  • Limit Alcohol:  Alcohol is full of empty calories that quickly add up. Feel fancy with Patriotic infused water or try a lower calorie beverage like Vodka/Seltzer with fruit. Make sure you drink water in between each beverage. It will slow you down and keep you hydrated.  

Don’t forget your workouts this weekend either!  Take this military style one with you on the go. It requires no equipment and only about 20 minutes!

Mini boot camp

Round 1: 5 reps each
Rest 1 min

Round 2: 10 Reps each
Rest 2 min

Round 3: 15 Reps each
Rest 2 min

Round 4: 20 Reps each
Not tired yet?  Do the Bonus Round

*Round 5: 25 Reps each* Bonus Round


Push Ups


Lunges (reps/side)

Mountain Climbers (reps/side)

Butterfly Sit ups