Bad-Ass Clients: Kait


IronPlate studios would like to celebrate health by showcasing some bad-ass IronPlate Clients that have taken control of their own health and fitness. They are here to share their journey, motivations, struggles, and tips and tricks that have helped them get to the point they are currently at. Perhaps one of their stories will motivate, inspire or help you with your own wellness journey. Regardless, let's stand up and support these guys for their dedication, honesty and bravery for sharing some the intimate details of their journey with all of us!

First up is Kait, who began with IronPlate studios by working with Caitlin in the Online Personal Training Program. She’s a full-time working mom of two who has faced a number of challenges this year that haven’t slowed her down!

What motivated you to make a change or get started on your wellness journey? What made you choose IP Studios to help you achieve those goals?
Overall health has always been important to me. However, after I had my first daughter, I developed a lot of weakness and instability that was leading to injury and pain with exercise. I decided to use a trainer to help restore strength and function. I chose IP studios because Cait and I go way back! I knew I wanted to work out with a female and a mom who understood a lot of the particular issues that I was having. I also wanted someone that I would be comfortable being honest with so that I could achieve the most success.

What are your personal goals. Have you reached any?
My personal goals have included increasing strength, weight loss and functional movement without pain. Some of the simple things like going down a slide with my kids was hard due to my instability and I wanted normalcy. IP has helped me achieve several of these goals. I have lost all of the baby weight plus some, I can play with my kids without problems and my overall strength has greatly improved.


What was your training/ nutrition regimen prior to starting at IP? How has it evolved from your first week with IP to where you currently are right now?
My overall nutrition prior to IP was generally healthy but very much an all or nothing attitude which never ended up well. I have really adapted the "80/20" rule now which has helped a lot. I think having a trainer that completely gets your 'must haves' and incorporates means for you to have that leads to a really well balanced lifestyle which for me has "clicked".

How would you describe your current lifestyle? Work full or part time? Kids? Travel often for work or pleasure? Out frequently? Etc.
I am a working mom as a physician assistant with a 4 year old and baby at home. My husband travels. Working out has always been a passion, but using any more brain power to figure out what my workout was going to be and if it was going to be effective was draining for me. Sometimes, I felt like it even leaded to me not working out as I would overanalyze what I should do. To have someone design the workout plan for you and take all of the thinking out of it has been the most helpful and enjoyable way to workout.

What struggles have you faced along the way & how have you dealt with them? How has training at IP helped you in your journey?
There have been many struggles in the last year since I joined IP. I was post-partum and felt like I was starting over. I was trying to take care of sick family members and 2 children at home. I had a significant ankle sprain and shingles all within the first 6 months. I didn't feel quite right through most of the year, and was also diagnosed with celiac disease. I viewed all of the above as major setbacks and at times felt depressed that I wouldn't be able to meet my goals with all of this to face. However, Cait was able to adapt everything. Which is also why I feel that it's so important to have someone that you can be honest with, who also constantly validates that life happens. Despite all of the above, all of my goals have been achieved and I am working on the next set with IronPlate!

What’s one fascinating thing you have learned from your time with IronPlate. (Either from your trainer or about yourself)
I think that the best thing that I have found life changing from IP is that there can be balance.... and even with balance, goals can still be achieved. It really feels like I have found that sweet spot of making this health journey a lifestyle. I really attribute all of that to IronPlate Studios and Caitlin.


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