Bad-Ass Clients: John


Next up is John who began training with IronPlate Studios’ basic online training program in February. John never shied away from exercise, but as with the majority of us, life got in the way. This husband and father worked hard to find that balance between self care, full-time work, and family in order to achieve his goals. He began his journey as a size 40 and 250 lbs and is currently down to a size 34 and 195 lbs. Read on to hear more about John’s transformation!

What motivated you to make a change or get started on your wellness journey?  My wife especially. She has always encouraged me to get back into shape. I wanted to do it for my family.

What made you choose IP Studios to help you achieve those goals? Wife recommendation.

What are your personal goals. Have you reached any? I reach goals all the time through the workouts and eating right. My goal is to get 170. I started at about 240-ish.

What was your training/ nutrition regimen prior to starting at IP? How has it evolved from your first week with IP to where you currently are right now? I was never afraid to exercise, but I was not exercising right or correctly. Working with Caitlin and watching the videos made me realize that I needed to do better. My training has evolved as I am getting better and stronger. My weights have gone up, but I am not necessarily looking for weight pumping exercising. I am looking to trim out and she is doing a great job.

How would you describe your current lifestyle? Work full or part time? Kids? Travel often for work or pleasure? Out frequently? My lifestyle is non-stop. I have three kids and they all have places to go. I am a teacher so when I get home I am usually going back out with them. My family travels once a year to Cape May and we frequently do go out a lot as a family.

What’s your favorite food to make?  Would you care to share a recipe? My favorite food to make is Alfredo is not healthy!!!! Heavy Cream, butter, parmesan cheese, and salt! Add pasta or chicken or whatever you like.

What’s your guilty pleasure food? How do you incorporate it into your current lifestyle? Ice cream. I have been great. I don’t eat it except on rare occasions and I don’t have the urge like I used to either.

What struggles have you faced along the way and how have you dealt with them?  Sometimes you have family events that you can lose track of what you eat or lose days exercising due to family commitments. That can be hard.

How has training at IP helped you in your journey? It has given me focus. I can see goals, plans, and workouts clearer than before.

What are some of your hobbies? Video games, writing, and cooking

What’s one fascinating thing you have learned from your time with IronPlate. (Either from your trainer or about yourself). I learned that I can do almost anything with the right tools.

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