Bad-Ass Clients: Lawrence


Now for our Bad-Ass Men of IronPlate! First up is Lawrence who began his journey with IronPlate studios as an in-studio client twice a week. He has since switched over to our Hybrid training program to get the best of both worlds: once a week in-studio training and online personalized workout progressions and nutrition guidance for the remainder of the week. With goals of modifying his nutrition habits to still fit his lifestyle, Lawrence has managed to work around life’s crazy schedules and is on the road to much healthier habits! We attribute his success to being religiously compliant to the hybrid program, (even on vacation!-another perk of online training :-) ), and openly communicating with both his trainers any necessary adjustments to his schedule and progress within his fitness and nutrition program. Read on to hear about Lawrence’s personal fitness and nutrition journey with IronPlate Studios.

What motivated you to make a change or get started on your wellness journey? What made you choose IP Studios to help you achieve those goals?

So, i'll answer these two together. I started working out at IronPlate around 5 years ago with a good friend of mine. We had been coming and training together twice a week. And it was great and I learned a lot. But I was looking for something that would motivate me to work out outside of the studio and to increase my accountability.  When Kristen told me that IP was going to start an on-line training program and that Caitlin would be running it, I knew it would be perfect for me. Caitlin designs my workouts at home, normally 4 days per week and then I go in the studio one day per week alternating upper and lower. It has really helped me increase my work outs and because i'm doing it on my own, I am taking more responsibility for it.  

What are your personal goals.  Have you reached any?

I've lost around 5 pounds, which was my target.  My real aim has been to be better with my eating habits. I definitely have more to go, but I've gotten much better. 

What was your training/ nutrition regimen prior to starting at IP?  How has it evolved from your first week with IP to where you currently are right now?

I work fairly long hours and that makes it difficult during the week to eat well.  Since I've started with IP Online, I've been much better at cooking several times per week. Dinners during the week we order meals from "Eat Clean Bro." It has helped me be more cognizant of the choices I make. 

How would you describe your current lifestyle? Work full or part time? Kids? Travel often for work or pleasure? Out frequently? Etc.

Both my husband and I are attorneys and we work fairly long hours. We travel once or twice per year for pleasure and we like to go out to dinner on the weekends. 

What’s your favorite food to make?  Would you care to share a recipe?

During the colder months, I love using the slow cooker.  It's so easy.  A couple of my favorites: spaghetti and meatballs ( - if you're Italian or classically trained in food, it's sacrilegious because you have to snap the pasta in half and cook it in the sauce....but it's really, really good and easy and it makes enough for two for a couple of days. I also like - a bit of spice and very easy. 

During the summer, it's so easy to grill.  I like very simple steak or lamb seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked medium and some simple corn on the cob. 

What’s your guilty pleasure food? How do you incorporate it into your current lifestyle?

Definitely like a nice glass (or a few) of wine. I try not to drink during the week  - sometimes with work events that is not possible. Food-wise, I have a weakness for wings. I try to  limit that, but I don't like depriving myself of things I like completely because then I'll end up going to eat a bucket of wings one day... 

What struggles have you faced along the way and how have you dealt with them?

Fitting in workouts and eating well when work or life gets hectic and busy is tough! Working with Caitlin has helped to schedule things.  When I'm away and there's no gym, I have 30-minute, no equipment workouts I can turn to.  

How has training at IronPlate helped you in your journey?

Everyone at IronPlate is realistic and always willing to listen and adapt.   

What are some of your hobbies?

I read a lot of fiction - spy novels and mysteries especially. I recently restarted playing the piano (which I haven't done since childhood).

What’s one fascinating thing you have learned from your time with IronPlate. (Either from your trainer or about yourself)    

I have always been intimidated by the gym. I've learned that I don't have to be.  

If you’re ready to make some changes and become a bad-ass client, send us an email to take a tour of the studio or check out some of our great introductory specials.